Ring Sling

Ring slings (ring sling)  are hammock slings, in other words fabric strings with two hypoallergenic aluminium rings, specifically designed for “baby wearing”, sewn to one of the extremities. The rings are very large and have an internal diameter of 7.6 cm. The use of this kind of support is particularly intuitive: the tails pass through the rings allowing the regulation of the length, perfectly sticking to the bodies of the baby and the parent. It is very practical for the continual “rise and fall” of older children, it is fast to wear and has a little encumbrance.

Woven Wraps

Strips made of resistant fabric, without buttons, buckles, rings or readymade knots. They are about 67 cm wide and from 320 to 520 cm long, woven wraps around the baby and the parent’s bodies in order to convey a  comfortable support to both of themBabyMonkey slings are extremely adaptable and adjustable thanks to the different bindings you can make, but they are also very beautiful. Among the available slings, long slings are the most complete: perfect for someone who believes in the “baby wearing” benefits and wants to practice it for a long time. They are excellent for both newborn babies and older children.