Who we are 

Wellness, comfort and affection are the pillars on which BahbyMonkey is based. This brand was born from the idea of a mother, fashion designer and engineer, in cooperation with Tessitura F.lli Grassi s.n.c., a company which has been manufacturing highquality fabric for three generations.

BabyMonkey believes it is possible to create a new way of living the relationship between parents and children, in a dimension made of intimacy, love and safety.

This is the reason  why our company studies, designs and manufactures its baby slings in Italy with expertise, commitment and quality in order to cope with modern parents’ needs.

Made in Italy Design and Quality

Design, weaving and tailoring: the production process BabyMonkey slings is 100% made in Italy.

 BabyMonkey slings are available in different and unique decorations. –You can choose among delicate, classic or creative patterns.

Our commitment in designing  BabyMonkey items – the research of spun yarns, twines and the care for details- allows to reach the best results in terms of safety, comfort and appearance.

Our expertise and competence in the weaving process, allows the production of high quality products, every sling is checked in order to guarantee its perfection.

BabyMonkey slings are woven with high quality yarns and coloured with non-toxic and durable pigments. Yarns and dying operations are Oeko-tex certified(certification number: 061873.O, 1004937.O).

The artisanal tailoring is the last step which conveys an excellent quality level.